What Does The Surname 'Hutter' Mean?


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The word Hutter has a German origin. There are variants of the surname Hutter like Huttler and Hilder. It is believed that all three surnames are derived from the German word "Hüttler," which means "carpenter." There are many spelling variations of the name Hutter, viz; Hiedel, Hidi,Hittle, Hidel, Hidler, Hitler(but of course!), Hiedler, Huttler and many more.

Though there is no record of when the surname Hutter was first used, one of its popular variant surnames, 'Hidler' was found to be used first in the early 18th century in Munich. As we talk about Munich we should mention the famous son of the soil who had the Hutter' surname, he was none other than Marcus Hutter (born 1967) who developed the mathematical theory of optimal Universal Artificial Intelligence. Name analysts perceive the person bearing the surname Hutter as someone who is strong-willed and quite intelligent.

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