What Are Cute Nicknames For Josh?


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There are a number of nicknames that can be applied to the name Josh. Whilst most nicknames shorten the name of a person, because the name Josh is already short, the majority of the nicknames are longer than the name itself. Cute nicknames that could be given to somebody called Josh are Joshy Woshy, Jo, Jay, J-Boy, Joshers, Joshy Poo, Joshum, and Josha.

• Origin of the name

The name Josh is a shortened version of the name Joshua, which is of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Joshua is Jehovah is salvation. In the biblical sense Joshua was asked by God to lead the Israelites after the death of Moses, having supported him for 40 years previous.

• Famous people called Joshua

There are a number of famous people that have the first name Joshua. These include the singers Josh Turner, a country and western singer, and Josh Groban, most famous for singing a version of the song You Raise Me Up, later covered by a number of artists including Westlife and Mark Vincent. Famous actors with the first name Joshua include Josh Hartnett, Joshua Jackson and Josh Lucas. Hartnett is most well known for appearing in a number of blockbuster movies including Lucky Number Slevin and 30 Days of Night. Joshua Jackson first came into the public eye for his performances in the television series Dawson's Creek, and has since gone on to star in a number of movies including Cruel Intentions, Gossip and Shutter. Lucas is best known for his appearances in American Psycho, A Beautiful Mind and Sweet Home Alabama. Famous sports stars with the name Joshua include soccer player Josh Kennedy, and baseball player Josh Beckett.

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