What Does Labyrinth Mean?


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According to Greek Mythology, the Labyrinth basically was an complicated construction build for King of Crete and fashioned by the renowned artificer Daedalus to clutch the Monitaur, a mortal which was partly human partly bull and was finally killed by the Athenian hero Theseus.

Theseus was assisted by Ariadne, who supplied him with a fateful thread to wind his way back again, a hint to the solitary trail of the labyrinth. The expression labyrinth is extensively applied interchangeably with maze, but contemporary scholars of the topic apply a stricter explanation.

For scholars basically it is a maze in a tour puzzle in the shape of a compound branching passage, with alternatives of path as well as direction, where as a single-path labyrinth has only a solitary, Eulerian trail to the middle.

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