What Does The Surname Southworth Mean?


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The name Southworth is likely to have originated from Gilbert Southworth, son of Hugh de Croft, who received the Manor of Southworth from his uncle, who was also named Gilbert, in the years between 1213 and 1219.
Gilbert (the younger) then became known as Gilbert de Southworth, which was a parish located in Winwick Lancashire, northern England. So the name means coming from Southworth.
There is also mention of a Sir Gilbert de Southworth, a descendant of the first Gilbert, who was the High Sherriff of Lancashire, in the years 1323-1326.
Like so many surnames, there are various derivations of the name. Primarily this is due to illiteracy, where people could not write their surnames, but they would only be verbally understood. Dialects were strong in earlier times and often varied from parish to parish, so the name could be changed to Suthward or Suthard as a result of vernacular speech patterns. Consequently it is likely that the names Southurst, Suthers, Suthard and Suthward are all variations of the name Southward.

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