What Does K.c Stand For?


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shamar shamar answered
Basically, kennel club,but there is usually another word before k.c
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KR- myopinions answered
This is in the dog category. If you were asking about something else you can ask again and be sure it's in the appropriate one. KC stands for kennel club. As in: AKC- American Kennel Club. UKC - United Kennel Club. CKC - Canadian Kennel Club. There are also pet registries that use the abbreviation such as Continental KC, ect. For those that would like to register their pets for fun but don't have the applications for the ones that actually verify they are purebred. :-) AKC and UKC also have pet programs and the pets registered with those can compete in some events like the purebreds with registration papers (not sure about other countries registries).

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