What Does Spar Mean?


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In nautical parlance, spar refers to a round pole of metal or a wood that is used to hold up sails and rigging. A yard, a boom, a bowsprit or a mast can serve as a spar. Spar is also a part of aeroplane wing that moves from one tip to the other. The game of game cocks in cock fights is also known as a spar.

Spar as a verb refers to have a short physical combat with an opponent; for instance a boxing match practice. To spar can also mean to indulge in a volley of words or repartees in an argument or dispute. Here is an example of the word "spar" used as a verb:
No one can refute his talent at sparring when it comes to voicing a point in a conference.

Spar is believed to have entered popular English literature for the first time in beginning of the 12th century.

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