What Does Glottis Mean?


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Glottis is a part of the body, especially the throat. This word glottis has a Greek origin. It was taken from the word glōttis. This word glottis was obtained from the words glōtta or glōssa which meant tongue. Glottis when used as a plural is written as glottises or glottides. Glottis is the aperture at the top of the larynx. The larynx is also called the voice box. The larynx holds the vocal cords and helps in sound production. The space or the gap between the vocal cords is known as glottis. The glottis, larynx and the vocal cords together form the voice apparatus.

The glottis is guarded by a muscular flap called the epiglottis. The vocal cords are of mucous membrane infolding and stretch across the larynx. Voice is produced due the vibration of these cords at the glottis. Anything related to the sound production at the glottis is called glottal.
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The word "glottis" is a noun that refers to or is the name for the opening found between a person's vocal cords. It is located in the larynx's upper part. The word is also used in general refer to the larynx's vocal apparatus. The word "glottis" comes from the Greek word "glottis" and is derived from the Greek word for tongue.

The vibrations that occur in the vocal cords produce some distinct sounds that lend a persons voice a kind of buzzing quality. It is more so pronounced in the case of certain alphabets when spoken in an accented voice in different languages. The players of the didgeridoo instrument that is native to the indigenous people found in north Australia are able to achieve skill levels where they can control the opening of the glottis.

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