What Does The Word Repetition Or "Rep" Mean?


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michelle cherry answered
It means to go over and over and over and over. To circle, like a loop. Again and again and again.
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Evelyn Vaz answered
The word repetition is basically an act or a process of repeating stuff or even in other words being repeated. It is derived from the Middle English word repeticion, from Old French repeticion, from Latin repet ti , repet ti n-, from repet tus.

It also refers to the name of a book by the 19th century Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. It was published in the year 1843. It also refers to the name of a song Helmet from their 1990 album Strap It On and also the name of a song sung Quasi from their 1998 album Featuring "Birds". It is also a term that is used in weight training, which is an act of llifting and lowering a weight in a particular style.

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