If My Roomba Is Circling Or Spinning In A Repetitive Place What Does That Mean?


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If your Roomba is circling and spinning in the same way in repetition then it means there is some problem with your Roomba. However there is certain pattern of circling which you may experience and I can let you know what they mean.

If you notice the Roomba is moving in circles and then suddenly stops and says "uh-oh" and starts singing a song then it means your IRobot Roomba requires to have its software updated. For this you will need to contact the customer support of IRobot and they will assist you.

If you see the Roomba backing up for some time and then spin in circles continuosly until its energy or power is finished then it means the bumper sensor of the Roomba is getting obstructed by either dirt or dust particles. All you need to do is hit the bumper lightly a few times so that if any thing is stuck in it, goes away.

Lastly if you notice your Roomba backing up and then forming a semi circle form for a few seconds and then suddenly stops and says "uh-oh" followed by five beeps then it means the overhang sensors have become dirty. You should then just turn off the device, remove all dirt and wipe the overhang sensors.

If any thing else happens besides this then you should contact the customer support for IRobot.
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Thanks - my Roomba was having the same problem of backing up for some time and then spinning in circles continuosly until its power drained out. Hitting the bumper lightly a few times did not work, but I blew away dust from the four bumper sensors. The Roomba works fine now.

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I have a model number 535 . I have not used it for say 3 months . Was in the charge station the whole time . It is fully charged . Now , when I set in the middle of the room an push the clean button to start it it just goes about three inches , circles , goes 3 inches .  Eventually after say 30 seconds shuts off and the pink button is flashing .. Seems like it thinks it is  bumping something . Like the stop bar is stuck . Could  you help please

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