What Does Loma Mean?


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Loma is the name of an ethnic group. They live in mountainous regions along the sparsely populated border area that is located between Guinea and Liberia. They have their own distinct culture and language. It is similar to languages like Kpelle, Mende and Bandi languages. They are also known as Toma by the Malinke, Konyaka and Kissi. Lomagiti is the name by which Lomas address themselves and it means "Loma people". Their language is known as LöömàgòòI. There is a population of approximately 250,000 Loma in the region that lies between the countries of Guinea and Liberia.

They practice swidden agriculture as their main occupation. They have different customs, rituals, dialect, histories and political borders from that of the people in the two countries around them but they still manage to maintain frequent social relations and possess a sense of common identity. A common history of ethnic movement, warfare, long-distance trade and political alliance has contributed to this occurrence.

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