What Is The Meaning And Origin Of The Name Kaleb?


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The name Kaleb is a variation of the same name spelt with a C, that is, Caleb or Calib. It is a male name which is most of the time used as a first name. The use of this name as a sur name is very rare or almost non – existent.

The name Kaleb is said to be of Hebrew origin. This name is also believed to be of African – American origin. The name Caleb, Calib or Kaleb has two meanings. One of its meanings is "heart'. The other meaning is Dog. This name also has an Ethiopian origin, where it refers to the biblical figure Cain, who was the brother of Abel and son of Adam.

The name Kaleb is pronounced as KAY leb.Even though the name Caleb when spelled with a "K" is often used in English speaking countries only, just as a simple change to the spelling of the name with the more traditional "C", the name Kaleb is still a legitimate form of the Hebrew name Caleb. Kaleb is in fact an Ethiopian cognate or equivalent of the name Caleb, and is always used over there to refer to the person in the bible who is known as Cain. He was the brother of Abel and the son of Adam.

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