What Does The Name Ries Mean?


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Ries is a male name. It is a variant of the famous names Andre and Mariano. The name Andre, of which the name Ries is a variation, means "warrior," in French. Mariano in Latin means "the sea." The name "Ries" scores well as a surname but fares poorly as a first name.

Frantz Anton Ries, from Germany, was a child prodigy on violin and became famous as the legendary Beethoven's teacher. Tim Ries was a master of Jazz music. A saxophonist to the core, he is known for his albums "Alternate Side," "Universal spirits," and "The Rolling Stones Project." The Rolling Stones famous musician Keith Richards in his words has summed up the talent in one word "amazing." As a name Ries is associated with divinity and perseverance.

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