What Does The Name Humphrey Mean?


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Before the Norman Conquest there was an Old English name, Hunfrith; this was gradually taken over by the Norman name Hunfrid, which had the same meaning. Hunfrid was derived from the Germanic words hun, "bear-cub" or "warrior" and fred or frid, "peace." Thus the name really means "peaceful warrior." The "f" was then gradually replaced with "ph": this quite often happened with English spelling, refecting an awareness of ancient Greek forms.

The founder of the Bodleian library at Oxford, the youngest son of King Henry IV, was called Humphrey; it was also the first name of the scientist who gave his surname to the Davy lamp. The name has long been well known, although in the later 20th century it became very rare. By far the most famous Humphrey of modern times was the late Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart.
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