What Is A Scottish Topper?


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A Scottish topper can be a couple of different things: Firstly, it is the collective name for Scottish sailors of the topper boat.

A topper is a type of boat from the dingy family. It is an ideal boat to learn to sail in as it safe and stable. They are made from polypropylene which is extremely durable - car companies manufacture bumpers from it!- so they are easy to look after and keep in tip top condition (excuse the pun!).

The great thing about toppers is that as your sailing improves, and you gain in confidence, they are also a popular racing boat, and have gained full international racing status.

The other thing a topper can refer to, is the statues on the top of a wedding cake. A traditional Scottish topper will have the bride in a white bridal dress, and the groom wearing a traditional Scottish kilt. These "toppers" are very endearing, and make a quirky addition to a wedding cake. Most cake companies will also allow you to personalise them so your toppers look just like the bride and groom on their big day.

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