What Does Square Feet Mean ?


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'Square feet' is a plural term for square foot. A square foot is unit of measurement. It used to measure areas. It is a non-SI (System De Interantionale) and a non-metric unit. It is known as United States customary unit or Imperial unit. A square foot is an area covered by a square. A side of the square measures a foot (0.333 yards or 0.3048 metres or12 inches). A square foot is abbreviated as sq ft, sq feet, or sq foot or SF. It could also be written as feet^2, foot^2, ft^2, feet², foot², and ft².

A block that has sides of twelve inches is said to have an area of one square foot. Thus, it comes to 144 square inches. Foe example: an area of sixteen square feet. It is considered to be of the shape of a square. It will have a side of four feet.
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You use the equaltoin which is a=s2 2 find the answer which you use 3.14 2 * the Numbers

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