What Does The Phrase "Play It By Ear" Mean?


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The phrase 'play it by ear' means to improvise on something that has not been pre planned. The idiom means to perform an act through spontaneous means, do something which has not been rehearsed.

It refers to an act that has not been planned in advance, just performed impromptu as and when a situation calls for it.

It is also used to refer to the act of playing a musical instrument, without the help or written music. For example, "he could play a lot of songs by ear by the time he graduated".

It is also used to describe the process of proceeding in a gradual manner, and improvise if and when needed. For example, "we haven't made any concrete plans yet, so let's play it by the ear for now".
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The meaning that you can figure out with the use of the phrase 'play it by ear' is to deal with a situation without any fixed guidelines and deal with it as it comes.

Earlier, the phrase was being used to convey the idea of playing music without referring to the printed notation.

In recent days the phrase is gaining more importance as in the business scenario there are situations that are arising without any previous notice and the managers have to deal with them, whether they are being trained for it or not. It is the real test of their skill and if successful they get ultimate respect in their respective field. So you can understand the importance of the phrase and also the meaning that you can figure out of it.
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Meaning to take things as they come, change plans when needed.. Play it by ear.
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It means to go with whats happening at the time just to go with it.See what happens and then make plans
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This "play it by the ear" mean to listen to what ever who ever talking to you DUH lol

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