What Does The Phrase "Oh Snap" Mean?


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'Oh Snap' is an exclamatory phrase that means surprise, insult or misfortune according to the Urban Dictionary. It is meant as a playful response to misfortune, insult or surprise.

The term was first used on SNL by Tracy Morgan. It is akin to the phrase "oh no you didn't." The phrase "Oh no you didn't" is usually something one says after being insulted. Think back to guests on Jerry Springer or women in movies that have used the phrase. The fact that SNL changed it to 'Oh Snap' just makes it more playful than the other phrase. It is also shorter.

Another phrase that might be interesting to know is 'oh zip.' It is a phrase that tends to follow an insult as a means of intimidation. It is considered a derivative of 'Oh Snap.' The concept of 'Oh Zip' refers to the zipper in which the speaker may use that as a further insult back at the one that just insulted him.

'Oh' is often used in terms of surprise, insult, or misfortune. The word that comes after will help sum up the other person's feelings. 'Oh' and then curse words used to be popular, but for those who do not want to curse they may consider the term 'Oh Snap' instead. It is still a result of insult or other issues, but it is a cleaner way to say something about it.

It has become a highly popularized word, enough that you can find it on shirts, mugs, and other items. It has also been used quite a bit on TV in shows besides SNL. Saturday Night Live is often known for its ability to create words or certain statements that hold on for a long time.
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The phrase "Oh, Snap" is basically a common slang term, which would convey surprise or shock. This phrase was coined by the American Rap superstar Biz Markie. This phrase was coined in his hit single Just a Friend. It has become a fastener in pop culture and slogan history as one of the more accepted rap-inspired phrases.

Some of the additional variants of the phrase are Oh snap!, Oh, SNAP!, Ah, snap! (UK version), S-s-s-snap Breaker! (Origin unknown), 0H 5N4P (Simple 1337 format), Oh... snap! And OH SNAPE.

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