Define individual differences?


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Mehreen are you doing your MBA from AIOU.

They ask such questions without any proper text book or material.
Well I shall try to answer this one.
Meaning of individual differences; it is the degree of disagreement between employees  or within the members of a team and can be in either direction, horizontal or vertical ( see OB book by robbins)

concept of individual differences: Personality traits, cultural, social and diversity issues

factors responsible for individual differences: Different social back ground, education level, skills level, organizational position levels,
areas of individual differences: Admin, finance, HR, operations,. Strategy etc.
Steps to meet individual differences: Policy and rules, conflict management policies etc.
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Arthur Wright answered
Structurally, we are all pretty much the same but its whats on the inside that seperates us from each other, traits, thoughts/ideas, upbringing, schooling, life experiences is what molds us in to what we are and how we are unique and different from one another

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