What Is Personality Development And Public Relations?


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Personality can be defined as the enduring personal characteristics of an individual. Bradshaw defines an individual's personality as an aggregate conglomeration of decisions that a person has made throughout their lives. A personality is developed by inherent natural, genetic and environmental factors.

Hereditary factors are said to contribute to personality development as a result of the way in which people interact with the particular social environments in which they reside.

Notable theories on personality development that you might be interested in learning more about include:
• Jean Piaget's Stages of Development
• Erik Erikson's 'Stages of Psychosocial Development'
• Sigmund Freud's theories about the interaction of id, ego and super ego
• Katharine Cook Briggs' and Isabel Briggs Myers' personalities typology tests
• Carl Jung's school of Analytical Psychology

By contrast, public relations is not an inherent amalgamation of personality. Instead it can be viewed as an art or social science that is mainly concerned with enhancing and maintaining the image of a business, organization, event or individual (for instance politicians and celebrities) amongst the public.

In the modern day, public relations is a multi-million dollar industry. In the United States alone there are around 21,000 people employed in the public relations (PR) sector.

Public relations is used in order to build a rapport with employees, investors, customers, voters or members of the general public. Any individual or organization that has a stake in the way in which it is portrayed in public will mostly likely employ some kind of public relations strategy in order to help them be looked upon as favorably as possible in public.
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Definition of personality development and public relation?
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Personality development is the responsibility of the individual concerned. It is a process that is ready to do everything necessary to develop the types of personality people desire and achieve it. Personality is influenced by several factors that start with the type of family development that an individual has. The environment where they were raised. The training of their institute of personality development courses in Chandigarh and the influence of friends on other exposures that they may have experienced in life will affect the development of personality.

Public relations and departments need to understand the concept of personality development. Because it is to execute the mission of personality development more effectively. It helps to stimulate the citizens' emotions and perform activities that promote the image of the organization. They are the face of the organization and must develop properly in order to achieve good results in public relations activities.

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