What Is The Meaning On Juno In Greek?


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The meaning of Juno in Greek is "Queen of Heaven". Juno was also a Roman goddess in the Roman mythology. Juno has the same meaning as the Greek goddess called 'Hera'. She was the wife of the Roman god Jupiter (Jupiter was the God of Gods). Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god 'Zeus'. Juno was also the mother of Mars. The month of June has also got its name from Juno.

On the 1st of March, every year the women attend a festival called 'Matronalia'. This festival is held in honor and respect of Juno. Many in Rome consider the month of June as the month of commencing marriage, because of the common belief that Juno protects their marriage if done in the month of June. Juno was also known as Juno Regina.

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