What Does The Word 'Suspense' Mean In Literature?


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It means thrill.When you don't know what's going to happen next and you are eager to know
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What does suspense mean in literature..???
Please tell me the exact deifinition..???
Thank you so much..!!!
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I don't really know what it means thats why I came to this site so I could find out but apparently you wont tell me what it means! Please tell me what it means
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The word 'suspense' is used to describe a state of uncertainty. It denotes a condition of being anxious or 'in waiting'. The word suspense has both positive as well as negative connotations.

In a positive sense, it can be used to describe a sense of pleasant anticipation about something about to happen. It could be used to describe the way you feel in a situation where you know there is a pleasant surprise in store for you. It could also be used to describe a negative situation. For instance it can be used to describe the way you feel as you wait for some potential bad news.

The term suspense is also nowadays used to denote a genre in literature as well as films. In books the term is used to describe works of fiction that have the ending as ab unknown entity. In this sense it is different from the other genres.

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It's when the author wants you to gues what is going to happen next
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When I hear the word suspense, I think of details in a story giving you clues that something might happen in the story next.
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A feeling of worry or excitement that you have when you feel that something is going to happen, somebody is going to tell you some news, etc

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