What Is The Meaning Of The Surname Stewart?


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Stewart is an Irish surname. Irish surnames are classified in terms of racial origin. These are Gaelic Irish, Norman, Scottish and English planters, and a huge number of other smaller groups. Stewart is of a Scottish ethnic origin.It is an occupational name for steward, one who looked after domestic animals. The Stewart family held the Scottish Crown for several centuries.

In 1890 it was the 58th most abundant surnames in Ireland, with about 11,400 bearers.The origin type of an Irish surname will be monogenetic if it has evolved from a single origin and polygenetic if evolved from multiple separate origins. As Stewart is evolved from a single origin it is monogenetic.

There are further four distributions to it. Surnames that are derived from an ancestor are described as patronymic and those derived from a place are described as toponymic. The other two don't have a specific name but one class is derived from occupation such as Mason and the other from a description such as Black, White. The countries where the surname is most commonly found are Antrim, Donegal, Down, Derry, Tyrone

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