What Is The Meaning Of The Surname Olmstead?


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The surname Olmstead has an English origin. There are different variations of the surname like Armistead, Armystead, Armstead, Ormstead and Ampstead.

The surname was first known to be used by people in the counties of Cheshire in north western England, well before the Norman conquest of England in 1066, by Duke William of Normandy. It is reported that the first settler of this family name was Joseph Armistead who made his home in Savannah, Georgia in 1775. Hannah Armstead came to New England in 1780. The first person to settle in UK with the actual surname Olmstead was James Olmstead in 1632. The name Olmstead exudes royalty, chivalry and manliness. The surname is synonymous with dignity and self-pride.

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