What Do You Mean By Sexy?


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sexy can mean, looks,the way a person carry themselves,sexy is all about attitude when you have it carry it well,A man may like a womens eyes, lips, the way she wears her hair,the way dresses,the way she smiles,the way that she carries herself sexy can be all these things.
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Something to make man attracted to it and want you.
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For me sexy is confidence in one's self. A strong man or woman who knows how they are and what they want and could care how society depicts them. It is the way a person handles themselves and the need for others not to validate their sexiness. Sexy is the look in the lustful eyes of a lover or the smooth way a woman touches her man's cheek and tells him he is her master without saying a word. The way a man brushes up against his love and lets her know how sexy she is. Or the way a man or woman carries themselves with head raised and a made up mind of what they want out of life. Sexy is a go getter who never backs down.

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