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Communism is a set of beliefs and ideologies which are based on the writings of Karl Marx, a German philosopher and thinker (1818-1883). Communism means belonging to all and Marx believed that the proletariat (the working classes) who were the 'have nots' should revolt against the capitalist owners (the haves) and that ownership of everything would be in the hands of everyone.
He felt that the individual was of no importance, what mattered was the state and that only when the working classes were set free and no longer kept in servitude to the richer classes, could people truly be happy.
Although the USSR and Eastern Block countries, as well as China have been Communist countrues at some point in the 20th Century and China still is, many Communists do not feel that true communism has ever been achieved. This derives from Trotsky who was a chief player in the Russian Revolution. He believed that Communism could only be successful if the whole world were to embrace the concept and that true communism could not be achieved in just one country.
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A system of government is an adopted method of functioning within a state. There are a number of such adopted methods that either exist by themselves or co-exist. Some of them are democracy, socialism, communism and monarchy. These forms of society are political movements that are initiated with specific goals in mind. Communism is a form of government, where all the resources within the state, its farms, factories, industries, mines and all economy generating avenues are owned collectively by the citizens. Communism strives to achieve 'equal distribution of wealth in society'.

Communism is also called Marxism or Revolutionary Proletarian Socialism. The principles of this system of government are spelt out in detail in the Communist Manifesto and the Principles of Communism. The Communist Manifesto was documented by the Father of Communism, Karl Marx in 1848, while Principles of Communism was put together by his contemporary and colleague, Friedrich Engels. The concept of communism was designed to culminate in a government whose economics would destroy the so called 'upper' class of society and free the 'lower' class from the shackles of the tyranny and exploitation unleashed by the power-driven aristocrats.

This system of government was successfully adopted by nations like the USSR and China. The Cold War that nearly unleashed a World War III, post World War II was the result of the Communist bloc headed by the USSR standing up and against the Capitalist bloc headed by the USA. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that the different systems of government adopted should be respected because what works for one nation does not necessarily have to work for another.
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Communism is believed to be a system of government where every resource of the country is controlled by a single central authority. In its multiple forms, communism can be considered as an ideology, a system of governance, an economic system and above all a deep and hotly debated philosophical issue.

Supporters of Communism trace back its history to the start of civilization where the hunting human beings lived in combined small societies and shared their resources in order to provide for the every member of the society. However, Karl Marx is considered as the founder of Modern Communist thought because he developed it on more scientific grounds and developed into an alternative system of governance in order to counter the harmful effects of capitalism which favors the private property rights and leave economic well being of the society on its members because it believes that an "Invisible Hand of Market" will direct the resources of a society to their best use.

Communist ideas gained popularity in 19th century and soon most of Europe was under its influence. Though viewed both as evil and heaven in disguise both by its fieriest enemies and staunch supporters, communism was indeed a force which revolutionizes the world.
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That it is a concept approved of by the ruleing class bloodlines & international banking. The state owns everything & has great control over its people. Of course the western rulring class must own & control the comunist government much like they own & control the nations of the western world.
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I don't know thats why I asked you guys
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Communism is a a theory advocating elimination of private property. Communism is a system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed.  It is a doctrine based on revolutionary Marxian socialism and Marxism-Leninism that was the official ideology of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In Marxist theory it is final stage of society in which the state has withered away and economic goods are distributed equitably Do Visit Communism and Communism Meanings Usage Examples.
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A communist is applicable to a member of the communist party. He could also be referred to as a socialist who advocates communism. A communist generally belongs to a communist party. A communist party is a political party aggressively advocates a communist form of government or committee. Another word that could also be related to a communist is a politician. A politician is an active member of any political party.

Some of the well known and mentioned communist are Joseph Stalin, Stalin and Chou En-lai, Zhou En-lai.

Joseph Stalin, Stalin was Russian Leaders who took over Lenin. They went on to become the head of the communist party back then. Chou En-lai, Zhou En-lai was Chinese communist and world-shattering leaders from 1898 to 1976.

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