What Does Breadth Mean?


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If a thing is five centimetres broad, then it is said to have a breadth of five centimetres. Thus, breadth is the distance measured from one side of something to the other. Breadth can also mean broadness or wideness or width or thickness or distance across or girth. Example: this hibiscus has a breadth of two to three inches. Another example: He travelled across the breadth of the country in search of his lost family. Breadth could also be used to denote the quality of being extremely large from side to side. Example: the breadth of a lake.

Breadth can also be used to indicate the depth or variety or scope of something. It is especially used regarding knowledge or experience. Example: the breadth of training given to the workers was the secret of the organisation's quick success. Breadth can be the ability to understand a range of attitudes, customs and ideas that are especially different from one's own.
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Breadth is the linear dimension measured from side to sideof a surface or volume and at right angles to it legnth

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