How Do You Define A "swing Rhythm'?


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"Swing Rhythm" cannot be confused with "Swing Music." The latter pertains to a specific genre of music that first used the Swing Rhythm "Swing music has additional characteristics such as a particular harmonic structure (Swing Jazz) and other orchestral compositions.

The swing rhythm is not only present in the archetypal "Swing" music but also in numerous Rock compositions, Blues, Country Music and Modern Jazz. In fact of late, the swing rhythm has made inroads into the world of Rap, Hip Hop and Funk Music. The "swing rhythm" gives you the feeling of "swinging" from one place to the other. Simply put, any music which is foot-tapping and makes you swing is likely to employ a swing rhythm. The swing rhythm is based on two accentuated subdivisions of the beat which gives a horizontal sense to the music. In fact, the stress is felt on the first beat and there is an extra emphasis just before the third quarter of the beat.

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