How Do You Define "Righteousness"?


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Righteousness means being "morally correct." There are many who have not given a serious thought to the concept of "righteousness." Righteousness does not just mean simple goodness. According to Bible, by just being good, one cannot enter the kingdom of God. Righteousness cannot be confused with observing rituals. There are people, for instance, who may practice rituals of God but the inner sanctum or the heart may be unclean.

Righteousness is directly related to the pure feeling which stems from our heart. The feeling should be for God and not for us. For example, if you fast just to impress others, it is not righteousness but if you do so for a spiritual reason, then you are righteous in the eyes of God. When you are being righteous, you are acknowledging your deficiency in the presence of the sufficiency of the 'Highest' power. Righteousness is the Christ in each of us, carrying out God's will
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To walk in favor of the lord jesus christ to walk in an upright way  to be righteous in the pureness of god the opposite of wickedness

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