How Do You Define A Human Being?


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In fact, this is a pretty hard query that has a lot of possible answer. My estimate is so as to there is no worldwide conformity; consequently you have to look for your personal answer. I think you before now have judging as of your query.

At the feeling of the answer lie our complimentary will as well as our skill to be self-aware. We can place back as well as look on ourselves, our emotion, judgment, plus our "strength." We are complimentary to do fine, as well as to do faultily. We are able of performing in opposition to our animal instincts through the work out of our free option.

Consequently, my reply is humans have free will and are self-aware.
What about this question: Is a human being embryo, or still a baby, completely human being or a potential human being, According to my reply an embryo as well as an infant is possible human as they can not until now exercise free will as well as are not yet self-aware.

Consequently, I guess I require modifying my meaning to say that it applies at what time a body has the possible to contain free will as well as be self-aware.
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The human being basically has two aspects, physical and metaphysical. The physical body is all we see. The metaphysical body gives life to the vessel.

The physical body is almost similar for all the mammals on the earth. All the mammals have more than enough similar features to believe that we have evolved from a common ancestor. The body is basically made out of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Calcium and hundreds of many other subtle elements. Human being is the ultimate creation of Mother Nature and Father Evolution. Human beings have been the king of the Kingdom Of Animal; so that he totally forgot that he is an animal anymore.

The metaphysical body is made out of Soul, Desire (will), Life-Energy and many hidden aspects. This is hosted in brain and hooked to the body through the pineal gland. The human metaphysical body is the most complex of all the other beings just because of the well-optimized brain that hosts this "Operating System". The desire of Human being is almost same as any other being while the Soul and Life-Energy is more noble than any other known type of being.
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What distinguish human from the other species is their culture and art.
No other species use or create human art according to human standard, a monkey can be trained to paint, but they can never understand their own painting for it merely is something that is 'told' by the trainer and contains no meaning at all, therefore it is not art.
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Human being is any living or extinct member of the family, all of the living human inhabitants of the earth is a human being.. It is important to understand what we are as human beings. The present state of knowledge of the human being is one which has been informed by the materialistic reductionist thinking of modern technological science. It is commonplace for people generally to think of the human body as being merely an elaborate machine, with all the non-material aspects of the human being- thinking, feeling, attitudes, emotions, mores, imagination, etc., etc, as being merely the result of the physic-chemical activities which take place in the physical body. However, the human organism is not a machine and does not operate under the aegis of chemical and physical laws.

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