What Does Saturated Mean?


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A saturated solution is one that is incapable of absorbing anymore soluables. Example, you add enough salt to a cup of water that all the salt dissolves. You continue to add salt until the water can not dissolve even one more grain of salt. All the available water molecules are storing salt. The water is now a saturated solution. If you add more salt... No matter what you do it will not dissolve because you have reached the saturation.
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There are two contexts where the word 'saturated' may be use. One, as a state of solution when no more of the solute can be dissolved in it and so, some of the extra solute starts settling down as solid particles (because the solvent cannot dissolve more of it). Try adding sugar to your tea. Keep on stirring as you add more and more. Eventually, no matter how much you stir the sugar you add would not dissolve. We can say that the tea is now saturated. Of course, this would make your tea too sweet to be drunk so you should rather not try it.
In the other context it is the type of an organic molecule. A saturated organic compound would have single bonds only and NO double or triple bonds. Examples of such compounds are the alkanes (methane, propane, hexane). In these compounds, each carbon forms four single bonds. In ethane (C2H6), 1 bond exists between the two carbons and each carbon has 3 hydrogen atoms to it, forming four bonds in total for each carbon. Then, there is the evil saturated fat. In its chemistry, it is the same as other organic compounds, i.e. With single bonds.

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Saturation normally means thoroughly full, wet through, soaking submerged. If you want more details then check out the following site
Saturated meaning

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