What Does Hydrocarbon Mean?


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The word hydrocarbon is a term used in chemistry and it conveys the idea of a compound that is made only of hydrogen and carbon.

The structure of the hydrocarbons is like a backbone which is formed of carbon atoms and is called carbon skeleton. The hydrogen atoms of the compound are attached to the skeleton itself. There are various kinds of hydrocarbons and methane is one that is found in abundance.

Hydrocarbons have the distinct property of being combustible and they form the main components of fossils fuel; you can find it in petroleum, natural gas and coal.

There are three kinds of hydrocarbons that are known to the world and these are as follows: 1) aromatic hydrocarbons 2) saturated hydrocarbons and 3) unsaturated hydrocarbons which again classified into two a) alkenes and b) alkynes.
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It is a organic compound formed by hydrogen and carbon atoms only .
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The organic compounds made only by Carbon and Hydrogen atoms are termed as Hydrocarbons e.g. Methane, Ethene etc.There are innumerable hydrocarbons,because of the catenation property of Carbon atoms.

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