What Does Bitter Sweet Mean?


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When something is 'Bittersweet', it is bitter as well as sweet. Example: bittersweet chocolate. Bittersweet is also indicative of something that gives pain and pleasure at the same time. Example: Love is a bittersweet mystery. Bittersweet could also mean colours which range from heavy to deep reddish-orange.

A vine that is classified under the genus Celastrus and has its origin in North America is known as 'bittersweet'. It is also called 'staff vine'. It took this name because of its roots. Its roots tasted bitter but once chewed they produced a sweet taste. This vine name 'bittersweet' is usually confused with 'bitter-sweet' ( Solanum Dulcamara), another vine. This vine belongs to the species dulcamara of genus Solanum and family Solanaceae. It is a potato genus and is known as bittersweet nightshade.

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