What Does Bluebird Mean?


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Blue bird means a cop
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A bluebird is an insectivorous bird hailing from the genus called Sialia. The North American migratory bird comes from the thrush family Turdidae. These birds are extremely beautiful and are a photographer's delight with plumage in shades of blue and red. The male species are more colourful compared to the females though the difference is less discernible.

The blue birds make their habitat in woodlands, orchards, or the holes in trees and bird boxes. As it feeds on insects, these birds have been instrumental in depleting the insect population in its area, to a vast extent. The blue bird also loves nibbling on wild fruits. These birds are known to produce a good amount of broods during a solitary mating season. One of the noteworthy aspects of the bluebird is its beautiful mellifluous voice. Incidentally, there was a song dedicated by BoneyM called "Bye bye bluebird", which was an instant hit in the year 1978.

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