What Does 'Bar' Mean?


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The word bar is probably one of the words with the largest number of meanings in the English language. It is used to mean a place or establishment where alcoholic beverages are served to customers over the counter (the people who stand behind the counter in bars and make the drinks as per the instructions given by the customers are known as bartenders).

It is also the counter where food and drink can be ordered and obtained, a rigid piece of metal or wood which is used as a weapon, fastening device or obstruction, a unit of measurement in musical terms, an obstruction, usually made of metal, at the top of the goal, prevention or the act of preventing or prohibiting someone from doing something, a unit of pressure equivalent to a million dynes per square centimetre in meteorology, a partially or completely submerged ridge in a river or along the banks of the river, the collective name for practitioners of the legal profession (the governing body for lawyers in some countries is known as the bar council of that country) and a word meaning to banish or expel.

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