When Is A Galette Des Rois Eaten?


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The Galette des rois means 'the cake of the kings'. All across France people eat this cake on the day of 'Epiphany', held on 6th January every year. The tradition of eating galette des rois is rooted in the history of Jesus Christ. It is believed that on the day of Epiphany, the three wise men, or the three kings of the East visited the infant Jesus bringing him gifts.

To commemorate this honourable day, the people in France eat galette des rois on the day of Epiphany. Galette des rois is golden brown cake that resembles a large pizza. Galette des rois is made of brioche dough and there will be a small ceramic figure hidden in the cake that is to be found by the guests. The lucky person who finds the hidden ceramic figurine becomes the king for the day.

The day of the kings is still celebrated in France even though the religious meaning has lost its significance with the times. However, this day is still one of much happiness and joy in France with all the family members gathering together, visiting their relatives and celebrating togetherness.

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