On My Sears Gold Mastercard It Says I Have A Cash Access Line/available Cash What Does That Mean? Does It Mean I Can Go To An Atm And Take Out Cash Advance?


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Most likely.  You have a maximum credit on your card, and of that, so much can be taken out as a cash advance.  Be careful with this, though.  Whereas charges per purchases act interest on a monthly basis, cash advances act interest on a daily basis, and will therefore have a higher percentage rate than your monthly rate.  In addition, if you have a balance on the card from purchases, any payment made to the credit card company will be applied to purchases first, thus making the interest add up very fast for cash advances.  You should only use the cash advance option of your credit card if you have no charges on your card, and you can repay the amount you take out by the next time you get paid.

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