How Do You Define Gossip?


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Gossip is talking about or spreading rumors or information about someone that is not true.
If its true, its not gossip. Example ...the man who lives next door is a child molester.
Another example is ,,,,Steve is a con artist, he took money from me when he was building the addition on the back of my house and never finished the job.   Another example is ,,,,Mary talks a lot about being a christian but but you can see her g-string hanging out of her butt.
The thing about gossip is that when no one tells the truth about other people evil prevails.
Remember evil prevails when good men do nothing.
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Gossip can be termed as engaging in talk that is scandalous or sensational, generally of a personal nature. Such information is usually spread through word of mouth and spreads rapidly from one person to another. Most of the time gossip consists of exaggerated facts, and almost never is there concrete proof.

Conversation at a social gathering often takes the form of gossip, even more so if there are women involved in the conversation. But this does not mean that men do not indulge in gossip.
Even though there is a possibility that there might be a grain of truth somewhere, the story or fact tends to get corrupted somewhere along the way, with the alteration of facts.

Although it is an age old tool for spreading news and information, it is not all that trustworthy.
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Anything found on is gossip.  It's pretty interesting, but still gossip.

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