How We Can Define Qualitative And Quantitative Monitoring And What Is The Difference Between Them?


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The main difference between qualitative and quantitative monitoring is the way in which the monitoring methods are carried out and how the results are then found.
Qualitative monitoring and research is a way of carrying out investigations that are concerned with the why and how certain decisions have been reached. It is concerned with finding a greater understanding of aspects such as human behavior for instance by monitoring certain character traits and activities for example. It is less concerned with finding information such as numbers or pieces of data that can be measured for example.
In this respect, this type of research is not as stringent as the quantitative mode of monitoring results as it is more concerned with basing an opinion on observations and opinions in a particular field. Some people believe that as there is less chance of being able to arrive at a factually correct or incorrect answer, it is less reliable and therefore less dependable in a professional research field. In addition, results found in this manner may be more difficult to compare to other previous results. On the other hand, it really depends on the type of research you are carrying out and the kind of results you are hoping to get.
In contrast, quantitative research uses methods where the results can be measured and compared to other results. For example, this may include factors such as temperature, height, weight, length of time, etc. It is based on gathering statistical information that can be measured so it is therefore sometimes considered to be more reliable and exact in its research methods than qualitative research methods. Research carried out by this method will also provide the scientist with a set of statistical data results that can be easily compared to other previous results that have been recorded before.
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These are essentially the same question, the big difference between any form of quantitative and qualitative approach is method and results.

Quantitative research is all about statistics and figures. It often results in statistical comparisons and hypothesis are matched against these results.

Qualitative research is opinion based and is about your observations of a situation based on your knowledge of the area. There is no right or wrong way in qualitative but the results are often less valid in the professional arena.

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