How do i say good morning in pampanga?


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Pampanga is a province that is situated in Central Luzon – the Philippines. When saying “good morning” in Filipino, you say:

"magandang umaga"

You could add “sa iyo” at the end of the sentence, which just means “to you”, but it isn’t integral.

This area is particularly well known for its food. Remember, when saying “good morning” in this area, you can choose between two official languages: English and Filipino.

Do you want to learn Filipino? Here are a few great websites:

1. Tagalog 101

This is a basic website that allows speakers to build a base that they can add to later on. The site covers a wide range of topics, including nouns, numbers, colours and transportation.


This website not only covers the basics of the language, but also allows speakers to purchase post cards in the Tagalog language.

Here are 12 ways you can say “good morning” when you are in the Philippines:

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