How Can I Translate German To English Online?


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You can download a piece of software called IMTranslator which includes German and English. The translation works on line although the software itself is on your PC. The translations are reasonably accurate, but it is best to check through for words which have several meanings as the translator cannot work out context.
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To translate German to English online you can visit any of the online translation sites which are freely accessible via the internet. These sites give you an option to completely translate a word or an entire sentence from German to English. There are certain sites which can help you not only in translating sentences from German to English but from any language to English. Major sites like Google and Yahoo also have the option or services which can help the user translate sentences from majority of the languages spoken world over to English in no time.
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You can use Google Translate for any kind of translations. But, its useful only if you want to translate short texts or words and for lengthy and meaningful translations I strongly recommend that you  hire professional and Certified Translators.

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I have used the free online translation tool called Babelfish at Altavista before which gives reasonable results.

Most translation software is only really suitable to get the general idea of what the text is saying and is definitely nowhere close to what a human translator can achieve. One of the best examples of this is to take a sample of English text, translate it into another language and then to translate it back again into English and see how much sense it makes - often it is quite amusing.
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For the most free help with German online, try the website It gives the best word translations, phrases containing the word, and an active online forum for discussions of translation problems. The forum is also searchable.
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E can search on Google some tranlate site

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