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The Olympic Games are an international sports festival that began in
ancient Greece.   The original Greek games were staged every fourth year for
several hundred years, until they were abolished in the early Christian era.
The revival of the Olympic Games took place in 1896, and since then they have
been staged every fourth year, except during World War I and World War II.
    Perhaps the basic difference between the ancient and modern Olympics is
that the former was the ancient Greeks' way of saluting their gods, whereas the
modern Games are a manner of saluting the athletic talents of citizens of all
nations.   The original Olympics featured competition in music, oratory, and
theater performances as well.   The modern Games have a more expansive athletic
agenda, and for two and one-half weeks they are supposed to replace the rancor
of international conflict with friendly competition.   In recent times, however,
that lofty ideal has not always been attained.
    The earliest reliable date that recorded history gives for the first
Olympics is 776 BC, although virtually all historians presume that the Games
began well before then.
    It is certain that during the midsummer of 776 BC a festival was held at
Olympia on the highly civilized eastern coast of the Peloponnesian peninsula.
That festival remained a regularly scheduled event, taking place during the pre-
Christian golden age of Greece.   As a testimony to the religious nature of the
Games, which were held in honor of Zeus, the most important god in the ancient
Greek pantheon, all wars would cease during the contests.   According to the
earliest records, only one athletic event was held in the ancient Olympics--a
foot race of about 183 m (200 yd), or the length of the stadium.   A cook,
Coroibus of Elis, was the first recorded winner.   The first few Olympics had
only local appeal and were limited to one race on one day;   only men were
allowed to compete or attend
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Delhi declaration lists 6 key sectors for close cooperation
The cabinet raised the price of gas produced from fields given to state run ONGC and Oild Inidna without bidding from $1.9 per unit to $.
An upward revision of CNG and piped cooking gas prices appears certain as over 90% of the volumes sold by Indraprasthya GAs Ltd. In Delhi and
A hike in bus, auto and taxi fares in the capital appears imminent. Blueline operators aid they would have no option but to demand a hike in fares.
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Michael Jackson's family will not hold a public or private viewing of his body at the Never land Ranch, a spokesman for the family said Wednesday.
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