How Can I Find Out What A Jail Inmates Charges Are For Free?


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Most towns and cities have their jail information free of charge, but this depends on where you are and in some cases, you may have to call the jail desk.  Usually, all you will need is the inmate’s name and date of birth, and with that you will have all the information you need.

Most states have a database where you can look for the inmate’s information, for this you will have to know whether the inmate is in pre-trial or has been convicted.  To check for this information you will need; the inmate’s full name or partial name, a computer as well as internet access.

Find yourself a computer that has internet access and begin web browsing.  If you do not own or have a computer, then go to an internet cafe or the public library as they have computers with internet access.

Next up go enter your local government’s jail website, for example if you stay in Arizona you enter  If you don’t know the web address, use a search engine such as Google to search.

After the website of that particular jail you opens, you should enter the inmate’s surname and first name initial in the search box provided.  Enter their gender and status, if you know them.

Click on "go” and wait for the site to load, this won’t take more than a few seconds and in no time matching records will appear on the screen.  Click on that particular inmate’s number to view all information as well as their charge.

With this, you don’t have to worry about visiting the sheriff’s office where you may have to wait long hours before you are told what you want to know.
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You'll need pertinent information. Knowing where the inmate is incarcerated is a good place to start. The name of the prison or jail and whether it is a federal, state, county or other facility can form the basis of an Internet search. Basic facts about the inmate, such as their name and prisoner ID number are also useful. 

If the inmate's name is a common one, you may want to be prepared with other identifying information like their age, gender and race to help narrow down the search results. And after that, you have to visit the Department of Corrections Website or some website like this one CheckIn

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Many towns and cities have their jail info online at no charge. If not, call the jail desk or sheriff (depending on that area) and just ask. You'll usually need the inmate date of birth, but it is a matter of public record.
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In most states but not all there is information available online. Google your County Sherrif's website and type in prisoner information. You'll need the persons full name and D.O.B.
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Call sheriff department where they are they will tell you charges
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Call the jail or prison  and ask fi the person is an inmate there. You can them any time day or night.
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There are programs online but they cost money with a credit card .
The only way you can look for charges free is to visit a courthouse near you and look up the person(s) you are looking for and it will list their charges and also who ever was involved with the charge/crime and court appearances . Hope this helps .

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