What Does The Name Lynn Mean?


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Lynn is a female name and there are two supposed meanings for it. The first is Welsh and it means Lake or 'by a lake' and the second is English and it means 'pretty'.

It is quite a popular name and though it is mainly a female name, it is occasionally used as a male name too. Although many people name their children 'Lynn' it is often short for another name such as 'Linda' or Carolyn'. Basically any name that ends with 'lyn' or 'linda' can be shortened to 'Lynn' to amke things easier.

All names have a meaning and most people are named something because of its actual meaning. Lynn may not always be a standalone name, but it is certainyl a common one and one that is quite modern too. It tends to suit both old and young and it is likely that the name will be used for years to come.
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The word 'Lynn' is used both as a feminine and masculine names and it can trace its derivation from the Welsh language where it conveys the meaning of a 'lake'. But the word can work both as an independent name and also as a short form of Linda and any other name that ends with 'lyn' or 'line'; as you can call a person fondly with the word 'Lynn' who has Caroline, Carolyn, Lincoln or Linton as his or her first name.

Apart from being used as a name there are some places also that are known to the world with the name of Lynn. You can find a Lynn in the northeastern part of Massachusetts which serves as an industrial and also as a residential suburb for the city of Boston.
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The name Lynn is a popular feminine first name. It is, however, sometime also used as a masculine first name. It is a common English feminine first name. It is pronounced as Lin. It is derived from an English last name which, in turn, has been derived from the Welsh word llyn, which is translated as lake. It is often used as a short form for names such as Linda and Lynette and also for those names which end in -lyn or -line.

Lynn is also the name of a city which is located in Essex County. Essex County is the name of a county which is located in the state of Massachusetts in the United States of America. According to the census of population of the year 2000, the city of Lynn in the state of Massachusetts in the United States of America had a n estimated population of about 89, 050.
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The meaning of the name is From the Lake, and the origin is Celtic/Gaelic
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Lyn is a name which can befit both a boy and a girl. It is a variant of the famous names Lynn and Linda. Lyn is a popular female name and an equally popular surname. There are a lot of famous people associated with the name "Lyn." Some of the noteworthy mentions are:

Lyn Ashley: Australian actress who made a name for herself in television in the UK during the 80s.

Lyn Collingwood: Australian film and television actress. Lyn: Korean singer, born in Seoul, known for many hit albums, the last one being "Misty Memories" (2006).

Dawn Lyn: American actor, famous for the "Walking Tall" series. Name analysts believe people with the name "Lyn" to be creative and adventurous.
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Lyn is a basically a girl’s name but it is also used as a boy’s name as well. The meaning of the name is pretty. It has different origins in different languages. In Spanish, the name originated form the name Linda while in English; it originated from the name Lynn. The name is equally popular as a first name for girls and also a surname. However the surname Lyn originated from Scotland and the motto of the Scottish Lyn family was “virtue always flourishes”.

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