What Does The Name Isabella Mean?


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The name Isabella originates from the Spanish or Italian meaning "devoted or consecrated to God". Isabella is another form of the name Elizabeth. The name Isabella is related to Isabel, Marisela and Bella. Variations of the name Isabella include Izabelle, Isobelle, Isobell, Isabell, Isabela etc.

Isabella is a very popular name amongst the aristocracy of Europe. Various Royal to have borne this name include Isabella of Jerusalem from the twelfth century, Isabella of Hainaut of France from the twelfth century as well, Isabella of France from the fourteenth century, Isabella the Second of Spain from the nineteenth century and many more.

There is also an Isabella County in Michigan and a lake Isabella in California in the United States. There was an even a saint in France known as Saint Isabel of France from the thirteenth Century.
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Isabella name's meaning is God's Promise or God is my Oath. [Source: Baby-Names-Meaning and Popularity Charts]
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The name Isabella is closely linked with Isabel meaning concecrated to God. It's origin is Spanish and some similar names are Isabelle, Izzy and Sabel. A famous person that goes by this name is Queen Isabella I. She was a Catholic and the Queen of Spain as well as jointly ruling Castile and Aragon with her husband Ferdinand.
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It means 'what God has promised'

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