What Does The Word ZA Mean? I Saw It On A Scrabble Word List.


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It most likely refers to a contraction of the word pizza.

Contrary to popular belief, Scrabble words don't have to be in the Oxford English Dictionary to be legitimate. In fact, where they do have to appear depends on which country you are playing the game in.

There are two popular competition word lists used in various parts of the world - TWL and SOWPODS. Za appears in both.

TWL is the North American 2006 Official Tournament and Club Word List, Second Edition (OWL2) which became official for use in American, Canadian, Israeli and Thai club and tournament play on March 1, 2006.

In all other countries the competition word list is the Tournament and Club Word List (Collins) published in May 2007 (SOWPODS), which lists all words of from two to fifteen letters. This list contains every word in the OWL2 plus words sourced from Chambers and Collins English dictionaries. This book is used to adjudicate at the World Scrabble Championship and all other major international competitions outside of North America.

As mentioned before, Za appears in both lists and the definition appears to be the contracted version of the word pizza.

The word has many other uses though outside of the Scrabble board.

It may refer to South Africa in terms of internet domain names.

Coming from the native tongue Zuid-Afrika - it gives the initials .ze

Za can also refer to a zettampere, a unit of electrical current which is equal to one sextillion amperes.

Or it could describe the compound zinc aluminium.

Za is also a letter in the Arabic alphabet, a contraction of zettayear (one sextillion years) and an obsolete NATO country code for Zambia.
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It means pizza.  It's one of those slang words that gets used so much it earns a place in the dictionary.
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Za is a word used for Bflat in music.  It is like the words do re me fa so la ti which are also recognized by scrabble.  Scrabble does not allow the use of contractions or slang.  It is not short for pizza in scrabble.

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