What Does The Word ''RP'' Mean In A Chat Room?


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  RP means role playing. It is a term which is normally used in the chat rooms while chatting. Role Playing is a term which is associated with normally used in adult chat. The adult play a role to please the other partner to whom he or she is chatting. Many people take role playing to next level by making use of the web cam. The use of the webcam for explicit purposes is banned by many chatting clients such as Yahoo, MSN etc. Some adult chatting zones may also charge for role playing.

  If you want to involve yourself into role playing, make sure you will follow all the rules and regulations. If you break the law, you might end up with some punishment from the cyber cops. The cyber cops are always on the internet, keeping a watch on all the activities happening on the internet.

  Follow the following link to learn more about Role Playing: www.wowwiki.com.
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It Could Mean Role Play, I Know On Computer Things Some People Rp.
Its Like..

-as I kik you here-
-as it cnnx so hard-
-as you fall bk here-
-as you hit the ground-
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Wats the meaning of rp
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You I know mi self like ,I was jst chtng 2 sum  ladz n da pc nd den dey were like do you wana rp .. Nd I was lyk wats that nd dey were lyk roleplay ... Nd den I was lyk nd what does that mean ?? Nd den dey r lyk  figure it out fr you self !! Nd I was lyk I g2g !! Lol

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