What Does The Word Moolah Mean?


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Moolah or moola pronounced as moo-la is a slang term used to denote money; the term is used more often in the United States than anywhere else. The exact origin of the word is not known and according to some sources the word is of Fijian origin while some claim the term to be of Italian origin.

The word is primarily used in informal conversations especially involving young adults who have just commenced their professional careers. The expression to rake in the moolah which means to earn large amounts of money in a short span at a young age is a popular one and is used to signify a job or business where the earning potential is especially good.

The word is frequently used in magazines and newspapers too. Some other informal terms for money are bread, dough, cabbage, shekels, green, loot, wampum, lettuce, kale, scratch, sugar, lolly, lucre and dinero among others.
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Moolah is supposed to have originated from the Sanskrit word 'Mulya' which means value, just like the word cash from the Tamil word kasu, which in turn is derived from Sanskrit Karsha
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It means money in the streets..
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Moolah is an old term that refers to money.

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