What Is Full Form Of F&ec?


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Unfortunately I was not fully aware of which F&EC you were referring to and I have found two organizations that use the abbreviations you have stated.

HPR/F&EC Services
  • NJ & Associates are an organization that gives guidance and various services to people all over the world regarding areas of business management such as industrial hygiene and job safety & health training. They aim to give solutions to immediate problems as well as long-term issues through the use of their safety consultants. The F&EC services consist of a team of qualified engineers that test sprinkler alarms and fire suppression systems to ensure they are working safely. They investigate various buildings and write up property reports regarding the fire protection of the building.
Filling out an Information Request Form
  • In order to fill out the form correctly you must choose which option you would like to be carried out which includes, 'send service literature', 'send company literature', or 'have a salesperson contact me'. Then you will be asked to fill out your details including your name, title, company name, address, email, telephone number and fax number. You also have the option to note any additional comments regarding your request.
Accessories Store
  • The other F&EC I could find refers to the French and English Confectioner's store that sells accessories. It offers a range of couture items and it was created by Lucie who is a cordwainer-trained designer. The designs are produced in a workshop in London and the inspiration behind them comes from the 70s pop era.
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Full form of F&EC
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I know Curb trading is any trading conducted outside the Exchange's regulations (as they were done after hours, along the street curb..which is how the AMEX was created....just a piece of useless trivia for you).
Now F&O means, futures and options. So the Futures and Options segment of the NSE were trading outside of the NSE regulations..which isn't illegal as long as they were traded within the Regulations of the regulatory securities body of India. There is a lot of speculation going on in the F&O, and from what I have read as of late there has been a LOT of short-selling here as well.
As this speculation adds to the market volatility of the NSE, it ALSO is increased when the investor sentiment is such that the value of the market is overpriced...which means it is due for a fall/correction, which therein increases the short-selling of the market. Naturally this has a negative impact on the market, and some say that when sentiments are such that they feel the market is overvalued and due for a correction, their sentiment becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as they then switch strategies and begin shorting the market which causes it to drop. The big issue with the F&O short-selling and the NSE is that this was just recently permitted.
So this is probably why you are seeing its affect on the NSE, if that is a market you are investing in.
Bear in mind though, that short-selling is not inherently evil. It is a fundamentally essential part to a health, vibrant market.
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