What Is The Full Form Of Civil?


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There is no proposed full form for civil because civil is a word in itself and not an acronym. However - the word civil can also refer to a person who works in the profession of civil engineering.

A civil engineer is responsible for designing, creating and maintaining a variety of natural and man-made constructions. These structures include the canals, bridges, roads, towers, houses and dams.

  • The sub-sections to this trade

There are a number of sub-sections to the profession of civil engineering. For example, there are a lot of civil engineers in the environmental sector. These engineers work very closely in providing environmental resources and structures. Environmental civil engineers also work quite closely with charitable organizations; constructing wells and other resources to help human habilitation.

  • The difference between the public and private sector

Civil engineering is available in both the private and the public sectors. The private sector civil engineers are often employed by companies from around the world as well by homeowners and home developers. The public sector civil engineers are mostly employed by the government to partake in tasks in the national interest.

Civil engineers have existed in both sectors for longer than any other form of engineering. It is only preceded by military engineering, which was used in the war to construct weapons, vehicles and other resources for the military. Civil engineering was born through the need to separate military engineering from the engineering conducted by those who were not a part of the military.

If you wish to learn more about civil engineering then you can unveil a number of helpful websites through a quick Internet search.
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Civil engineering is one on the disciplines of professional engineering. It focuses on the infrastructure of the world which include construction and maintenance of national highways, bridges, fly-over, dams, power plants, transmission towers/lines, Airport Runways, Tunnels and many more. There are many disciplines in the field of Civil Engineering such as, Bridge Engineering, Construction engineering, Environmental engineering, Fire protection engineering, Geo technical engineering, General engineering, Hydraulic engineering, Materials science, Structural engineering, Surveying, Timber Engineering, Transportation engineering and Water resources engineering

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