What Is The Full Form Of D.S.P?


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The full form of the abbreviation D.S.P is Deputy Superintendent of Police. This rank was first given to members of the police within the British Empire.

This system of ranking police officers was mainly applied to countries within Europe, but some areas did not adapt the scheme. Deputy Superintendent of Police was considered a respectable rank.

  • A commonly-used system in the Commonwealth

Now the ranking system is used by the majority of countries within the Commonwealth that speak English.

Sometimes the ranking systems are different in different countries. For example India's police ranking system was marginally altered. If you were a senior officer ranked as a Deputy Superintendent of Police in India, this means that you were an officer belonging to the Indian Police Service that was owned and operated by the State. However, if you were a Constable or an Inspector then you would exist outside of the State Police Force and answer to other separate forces.

Deputy Superintendents that belonged to the individually operated police services could switch to working for the Indian Police Service if they were accepted. In most cases, this would involve a straight swap to working as a Deputy Superintendent for the Indian Police Service. Others would have to enter the Indian Police Force at the lower rank of Inspector and then earn promotion to move up to the Deputy Superintendent rank.

  • Sweeping generalities can't be made

The circumstances are different across countries and cannot always be explained in general terms. Internet searches will help you discover more about the police ranking systems.

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